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Mr. Matuzak

Email: jay.matuzak@spps.org

Phone: 651-293-8790

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science - Elementary Ed. - St. Cloud State Masters of Educational Technology - Concordia St. Paul

Mr. Matuzak

Welcome to Mr. Matuzak's class!! It's the 2022-2023 school year!

This is my 26th year of teaching! WOW! I've been teaching here at Chelsea for 15 years! I've also taught Summer School for about the same amount of time!

I started in SPPS at Cherokee Heights and then moved to Chelsea Heights, where it is awesome!


1. I have 3 adult children (I know... I don't look old enough for that, thanks)

2. I'm a 15-year member of the Minnesota Viking's Skol Line (That's cool...)

3. I'm the guy that does the Skol Chant at home games. (Boom Boom SKOL!)

4. I was born in Saginaw, Michigan. (Isn't that a song?)

5. I have 2 dogs, Charlotte and Dakota.