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Staff Directory

Name Title Email
Anna Yang 1st Grade anna.yang@spps.org
Mary Knezovich 1st Grade mary.knezovich@spps.org
Emily Kraus Kindergarten emily.kraus@spps.org
Carrie Cannon 2nd Grade carrie.cannon@spps.org
Laura Erickson 2nd Grade laura.erickson@spps.org
Lainey Hanson 3rd Grade lainey.hanson@spps.org
Ashley Murray 3rd Grade ashley.murray@spps.org
Tammy Otto 3rd Grade tammy.otto@spps.org
Jessica Bernard 4th Grade jessica.bernard@spps.org
Paula Bangert 4th Grade paula.bangert@spps.org
Alyssa Flaten 5th Grade alyssa.flaten@spps.org
Jay Matuzak 5th Grade jay.matuzak@spps.org
Danielle Hartle Art danielle.hartle@spps.org
Jacob Blum Counselor jacob.blum@spps.org
Leh Win ELL Educational Assistant leh.win@spps.org
Erika Spofford ELL Teacher erika.spofford@spps.org
Liz Bishop ELL Teacher elizabeth.bishop@spps.org
Mary Thor Health Assistant mary.thor@spps.org
Becky Moldenhauer Intervention Specialist becky.moldenhauer@spps.org
Ashley Muradian K and 1st grade TA ashley.muradian@spps.org
Forrester Pack 2nd and 3rd grade TA forrester.pack@spps.org
Janet Manor Kindergarten janet.manor@spps.org
Kristen Hitchens Kindergarten kristen.hitchens@spps.org
Julie Silver Library TA julie.silver@spps.org
Bridget Stewart Literacy Specialist: Grades K, 1st and 2nd bridget.stewart@spps.org
Andrew Lee Academic Support  andrew.lee@spps.org
Karyn Herman Lunch Supervisor karyn.herman@spps.org
Jared Grabko Music jared.grabko@spps.org
Carol DiFrancesco Nurse carol.difrancesco@spps.org
Jacob Bambenek Phys. Ed jacob.bambenek@spps.org
Guillermo Maldonado Pérez Principal guillermo.maldonadoperez@spps.org
Thomas Altman Science thomas.altman@spps.org
Sue King Secretary sue.king@spps.org
Peter Shanedling Social Worker peter.shanedling@spps.org
Erin Kinney-Sprunger Special Education Teacher erin.Kinney-Sprunger@spps.org
Kayla Johnson Special Education Teacher kayla.johnson@spps.org
Beth Leurquin Special Education TA beth.leurquin@spps.org
Coral Aho Special Education TA coral.aho@spps.org
Pam Bynum Special Education EA pamela.bynum@spps.org
Maddie Beckmann Special Education TA maddie.boeckmann@spps.org
Claudia Manzo Special Education TA claudia.manzo@spps.org
Christina Nicholas Special Education TA christina.nicholas@spps.org
Cassie Jannett Special Education Teacher cassandra.jannett@spps.org
Monica Manzo Special Education Teacher monica.manzo@spps.org
Barbara Henry Speech Clinician barbarag.henry@spps.org
Robin Carlson Speech Clinician barbarag.henry@spps.org
Natalie Thompson Music Therapy natalie.thompson@spps.org
Kelley Paulson Physical Therapist kelley.paulson@spps.org
Dana Frost Occupational Therapist  dana.frost@spps.org
Rayna Yaeger School Psychologist rayna.yaeger@spps.org
Patrick Hurley Custodian patrick.hurley@spps.org
Anthony Perez Tech Support anthony.perez1@spps.org